TLC and How it Changes American Channel

TLC or The Learning Channel is an American TV channel owned by Discovery Inc., that once focused on providing documentaries, reality shows and educational content. From the start of the late 1990s, TLC began focusing on personal stories and lifestyles of unique individuals

Discovery Inc is an internationally recognized mass media company that provides educational and real-life entertainment shows. They continue to serve audiences from around the world.

Past shows of TLC

TLC’s past shows had a powerful impact that appealed to many of its past audiences. TVInfo is here to provide some of the best shows that TLC had.

  1. Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep is a TLC show that helps homeowners clean and clears out everything in their room. The Clean Sweep team consists of a carpenter, designer and an organizer. In each episode, the show starts the day with the host talking with the homeowner about the rooms to be cleaned. 

The crew would then move all the items from rooms outside of their house. With the help of the organizer, the owners would arrange the items that are for selling, keeping or tossing. Inside the house, the designer and carpenter would renovate the entire room for the whole first day. 

On the second day, a yard sale would be held to dispose of the items that are for selling. A contest would be held with the husband and the wife wherein the one with least sale would give up one item in the ‘keep’ section. The episode usually ends with the owners shocked by the renovation.

  1. American Hot Rod

A reality TV show that follows Boyd Coddington and his crew build custom vehicles at his car shop in La Habra, California. The show was famous for its hot-headed environment which led to crew members working for Overhaulin’s Chip Foose. The show ended when Coddington died from complications after surgery.

  1. Earth’s Fury

Earth’s Fury is a documentary TV show that explains and shows natural disasters like wildfire, volcanic eruption, and typhoons. They also featured some of these devastating scenarios by showing the actual footage of the calamity like the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

New Shows of TLC

  1. 1000-lb Sisters

A show that discussed how two sisters have relied on each other at all things. Amy Slaton, one of the two sisters, is aiming to have a child. However, her weight prevents it from happening. The recent episodes revealed how she lost enough weight so that she can be qualified to accept gastric bypass surgery which leads to her bearing her first child.

  1. 90 Day Fiance

A show that features two strangers who are given fiancé visa and they are given 90 days to get married. They will battle the norms set by culture, language and religion.

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