BBC and the World Today

BBC is one of the world’s major broadcasters that has reached millions of people worldwide through TV, social media applications and websites. They are committed to only delivering accurate news backed up with actual evidence. Come join TVinfo as we discuss how BBC affected the world today.

BBC accomplished merits and achievements leading them to become one of the world’s most trusted global news broadcasters. BBC offer accurate, unbiased news through their 24-hour news channel which is BBC World News and, along with other channels namely; BBC Worklife, BBC Reel, BBC Sport, BBC Future, BBC Travel, BBC Culture, BBC World Service, and BBC Earth TV Asia. provides undisputed journalism across the world. With their widely accessible and responsive sites, they deliver facts backed up with high-quality images and videos. is a site that listens as they connect with their audiences locally and globally.

BBC World News

With their extensive scope of journalism, BBC World News provides information, scoops, and reports worldwide that brings unparalleled engagement with their audiences. BBC World News offers an influential breakdown of stories and their ‘vivid and authentic’ ability to report anecdotes.

BBC Worklife

The younger generation tends to feel left out, especially with the ever-changing technology that surrounds us. BBC Worklife provides guides for the eager high school dreamers and driven professionals who are still in doubt with their capabilities and potential to adapt to the constant change that the world requires. This channel helps in predicting and analyzing how the global market would proceed, at the same time layout tips on how to be successful with the right mindset. 

BBC Worklife discussed how to avoid burnout especially for millennials who keep on hustling. Millennials, as they are now, are in the middle of a transition where technology is continuously improving. They have the need to adjust and follow up with the latest trends or they’ll be left behind.

Millennials usually feel burnout for staying at their 8 hours job then pursuing their side hustle after it. This is wrong, according to Bryan Lufkin this could be described as something called ‘decision fatigue’. They usually work with their thoughts floating away from the subject they are doing, but still being able to focus on what they are doing. Experts say that the burnout happens due to millennials’ psychological stress that they aren’t used to. Nothing in our past textbooks teaches us about the existence of this event.

However, there are some things that we could do to help us when burnout, one is to unwind. Most millennials suggest travelling, starting a passion project or just breath it would end. But, in other periods, these means of unwinding could end up stressing us, even more, rather than helping us.

Burnout usually is caused by our fears of job losses, disappointments and the future itself. At the same time, it could be set due to the unrealistic expectations set by ourselves, parents, employers or peers. These expectations would then pressure us to lead a life where we always want to achieve something, and that resting is not valid until you’re finished with your goal.

However, these expectations, at the same time, gave us a standard that we could follow.It teaches us that when making a decision and you’re being indecisive, you could always stick to your basics and list all the pros and cons of each subject matter.

BBC Reel

If you’ve invested your time into finding out more about the secrets of the vast universe, BBC Reel is just for you. Discover the mysteries of monoliths hidden underground, pyramids scattered in Earth, hidden wealth in the ocean or stories from the past that have just come to light. BBC Reel uncovers global phenomenon with insights from experts and scientists around the world. 

This channel covers people’s opinion and emotion backed up with facts that might inspire or change your insights into your everyday life.

One of the famous documentaries, chosen by their editor itself is ‘The Little-known Concept of Hypersanity’ by Neel Burton. In this reel, Neel Burton discussed the studies of Dr R.D. Laing in his book The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise. Dr R.D. Laing believes that madness is not something humans should be afraid of, as it usually leads to people’s mind reaching a higher state of thinking or what Neel Burton calls as ‘Hypersanity’. 

Hypersanity would then lead to people creating more opportunities rather than failure. It was proved through Carl Jung’s autobiography namely ‘Memories, Dreams and Reflections’. In the book, after his friendship broke off with Sigmund Freud, it led him to a state of madness where he talked with his unconscious mind leading to a ‘lifetime’s work’ of discovery.

With this, Neel Burton compared mental disorder as distressing and hypersanity as liberating. Both of which are outside the standards set by society as normal. 

BBC Sport

A sports fanatic of every kind? BBC Sport is the right channel for you as they provide you with global sports events that you’re looking forward to. With their live news reporter, and comprehensive evaluations of results, their channel would surely give you the best game reviews.

BBC Future

In for some trivia and ways of improving your future? BBC Future provides accurate answers to all your big questions relating to science, technology and health. BBC Future delivers interactive visuals as they interview well-known individuals that had a breakthrough in their fields.

BBC Future discussed how the past could affect future movements. Every decision made in the world today is greatly affected by how the people in the past handled it. It could be a bad example to the people living today, or at the same time, it could lead to decisions that could take us to the same scenarios. Let us save our own future.

BBC Travel

Planning a tour but doesn’t know where to start? BBC Travel explores famous tourist attractions and the unknown gems hidden in the globe. With their highly influential social media presence and creative interaction that encourages the audience’s participation, they bring out the best travel journalism across all continents.

BBC Travel is one of the most loved parts of the BBC as they introduce every corner of the world to people who, unfortunately, could not afford the luxury of travelling. Every day, they introduced a new location broadcasting it to people around the world. With the help of the locals in their travel blog, the movement to preserve indigenous traditions and the advocacy to protect and love the world never stops.

BBC Culture

BBC Culture leads you to a traditional and historic life as they provide you with contents from cultural contributors around the world. BBC Cultures offers you insightful descriptions of how globally trending art, music and film come into life. Below is an article of BBC discussing how some of the cultural beliefs of some humans affected the genre of modern drama.

BBC Culture showcases how science fiction stories transitioned to climate fiction. Climate fiction features how a global outbreak could lead to a power outage, unusable cell phone networks and flashfire everywhere. They also feature some educational topics about how to prevent this kind of fiction into reality by providing do’s and don’ts for the years to come.

BBC Culture also discusses how modern technology can be used to decode ancient masterpieces made by known artists. They also featured how some of the famous music icons like David Bowie and John Lennon helped in paving the way of the music that are being created today.

BBC World Service

BBC World Service, also known as the BBC Empire Service, started airing on December 19, 1932. They offer high quality, unbiased news to all the non-English speaking audiences across the world. They also broadcast lectures and conferences in more than 40 languages all throughout the day. brings unparalleled TV shows in connection with powerful motor shows, car services, industry-leading cars on sale and daily car news. It also features a video hub that shows exclusive behind the scenes action in their very own YouTube channel.

BBC Earth

Curious about the unexplored natural sanctuary within Earth? BBC Earth showcases their innovative exploration with stunning graphics and entertaining insights from the locals.

BBC not only contributed so much to the modern world through their outstanding news, but they also helped by providing tips to young individuals who are still in doubt with themselves. 

With the technological growth that the world is experiencing, every website and channel moves along with them. The news provider should be up with the current method used for showing their content to people around the world. Not everyone just sits in front of the tv to wait for things to happen, rather we are now the one that the news are waiting to cover for.

That’s all folks, stay tuned for more updates. See you next time!