Asian TV Channel: Culture and Entertainment As One

AXN is a tv channel owned by Sony Pictures Television and KC Global Media. It is a channel that features mostly Asian drama series, reality programs, anime and some blockbuster movies. Back in the 1990s AXN usually broadcast anime series with English subs while retaining the original Japanese voice acting. By 2004, they moved all the animes to Animax and started broadcasting their own show. 

Some of AXN’s most famous shows are:

  • The Amazing Race Asia
  • Asia’s Got Talent
  • Ultimate Escape

Channels that AXN owns:

Since AXN has been featuring shows that include Asians and their lifestyle, the TV channel launched their sister channels to feature the peculiar taste of their audiences.


Animax is a TV channel that is owned by AXN, it features a wide variety of anime programs that are leading in Japan. 

Some of the most popular genre that they offer are:

  • Horror –  Hell Girl
  • Romance – Toradora
  • Sci-Fi – Cowboy Bebop
  • Comedy – Gintama
  • Action – Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Drama – Your Lie in April

Animax not only connects with their audiences through their TV shows but they also reach out by hosting local events across Southeast Asia. Their most famous event is Animax Carnival which was held in some countries like the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia. Animax has also introduced their own official mascot, OO-Kun and Friends. It has entertained the audience by appearing in other animes and attending local events hosted by Animax.


Are you a  K-Drama fan? ONE offers the best of Korean entertainment from the most anticipated Korean drama to their comedic genius programs. Some shows are presented at the same time as Korea or after 24 hours of the first broadcast in Korea.

ONE has always been in with the hottest and trending names regarding Korean dramas and entertainment. They have been bringing famous artists on their own promotional tours to meet fans locally and internationally.

Some of the most famous names that they’ve brought on tour are:

  • Kang Ha Neul (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
  • Lee Hyun Woo (To the Beautiful You)
  • Lee Dong Wook (Scent of a Woman)
  • Kim Rae Won (Doctors)

ONE has also hosted an international fan meet of Running Man, a reality-variety show focused on providing entertainment through games, in Singapore and Malaysia.


If you prefer Japanese drama and entertainment compared to their classic anime, GEM is for you! They feature exclusive drama debuts and special variety shows which can be watched at the same time as Japan.

Some of their famous shows are:

  • Nippon Noir – this drama features a detective accused of murder
  • Must be ARASHI! – a variety show that features the king of JPOP with their own variety shows
  • I Can Sing in Japanese – it is an international contest for non-Japanese citizens

GEM has also featured a music festival known as ‘THE MUSIC DAY’. It promotes meet and greet events with some of the famous Japanese artists like Hayami MoKomichi and Kento Yamazaki.

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