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All About Animal Planet

Since the invention of television, different networks and shows have taught us a myriad of things. We get attached to characters and learn from their fictitious journeys. There are a lot of channels and TV shows that we can choose from. 

One channel particularly stood out not just for us but for all of the animal lovers out there and that is Animal Planet. Move over, National Geographic. Animal Planet is taking the spotlight this time around.

Here at TV Info, we’re going to talk about the channel that rivaled National Geographic and brought more attention to animals than other channels. You’ll also learn about the current shows that are airing in the channel in this article. 


Animal Planet is owned by Discovery, Inc. They are the ones behind the Discovery Channel and many more things. It was launched on October 1, 1996, and mostly features different types of documentaries and shows that revolve around animals both the domestic and wild kind. 

When the channel was first launched, it was an American cable television channel. Today, it remains the same. BBC Worldwide and Discovery, Inc. had a joint venture when it came to launching the channel itself. 

Nature and animal lovers were their target audience since the launch. That’s why they are airing non-stop contents throughout the day. Their direction went on a different path when the channel focused on more mature contents in 2008. 

They focused more on the wild side of the animals by airing programs like animal investigations and predatory animal documentaries. Many believe this is to rival National Geographic. They still maintained airing those kinds of programs up to this day but in 2018 they shifted back to showing more educational and family-oriented content. 

Today, everyone in the world knows what Animal Planet is. They also have different versions of the channel depending on the continent and the regions that they are in. We listed all of the shows that are airing right now on the channel. 

Here is the full list of Animal Planet shows that are airing right now: 

  • Alaska Law
  • Amanda to the Rescue
  • Big, Small & Deadly
  • Big Cat Tales
  • Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild
  • Crikey! It’s the Irwins
  • Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove 1
  • Dodo Heroes
  • Dog Bowl
  • Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
  • Expedition Mungo
  • Extinct or Alive
  • Fish or Die
  • Hanging with the Hendersons
  • How Do Animals Do That?
  • Insane Pools: Off the Deep End
  • Into Alaska
  • I Was Prey
  • Lone Star Law
  • My Cat from Hell
  • Nature’s Strangest Mysteries: Solved
  • Northwest Law
  • North Woods Law
  • PitBulls and Parolees
  • Puppy Bowl
  • Rescue Dog to Super Dog
  • Saved by the Barn
  • Scaled
  • The Aquarium
  • The Secret Life of the Zoo
  • The Vet Life
  • The Zoo: San Diego
  • The Zoo
  • Vet Gone Wild
  • Wolves and Warriors