New Delhi (1987)

New Delhi
17:00 - 20:00
Asianet plus
7.70 (60 votes)
Released On 24 Jul 1987
Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Runtime N/A
Rated as N/A
Directed By Joshi
Written By Dennis Joseph, Gyandev Agnihotri
Staring Jeetendra, Mammootty, Sumalatha, Devan
Story Description

After exposing the wrong-doings of two corrupt politicians, Delhi-based Journalist, Vijay Kumar, is beaten to such an extent that he becomes partly paralyzed, and is imprisoned. The two politicians, Kendriya Mantri Shankar Babu, and Desbandhu Sharma, ensure that he does not get pardoned. He does complete his sentence, and with the assistance of his Keralite girlfriend, Maria Fernandez, starts his own publication \'New Delhi Diary\'. He uses material sent to him exclusively by his ace reported, Vishwanath. Then one by one, the people who had harmed him start dying violent deaths, arousing suspicion amongst his staff, as well as his sister, Uma, who decide to investigate Vijay\'s background and who the mysterious Vishwanath really is.