Lashkar (1989)

21:00 - 01:00
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7.20 (20 votes)
Released On 01 Sep 1989
Genre Action, Crime, Drama
Runtime N/A
Rated as N/A
Directed By Jagdish Kadar
Written By Jagdish Kadar, Anwar Khan
Staring Dev Anand, Javed Jaffrey, Hemant Birje, Aditya Pancholi
Story Description

Professor Anand lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with his wife, son, Raju, and a sister, Barkha, who will soon get married to Police Inspector Sumeet. Anand gets information that about a drug deal through Raghu, and together he and Sumeet apprehend Sangram Singh, who is arrested, tried in Court, but not found guilty. As a result, Sumeet resigns, and subsequently, Sangram\'s men break into Anand\'s house, kill his wife and son, assault Barkha, who is hospitalized, and loses her memory. Anand and Sumeet recruit Bhima, Amar, and Johnny, and they wage war on Sangram and his illegal operations. They do make a huge impact, and even influence Sangram\'s daughter to go against her dad. Their future plans change drastically when Sangram decides to strike back - this time by targeting each one of his opponents individually, and abducting Barkha.