Karmayogi (1978)

19:00 - 21:00
5.10 (9 votes)
Released On N/A
Genre Action
Runtime N/A
Rated as N/A
Directed By Ram Maheshwari
Written By Binoy Chatterjee, C.J. Pavri
Staring Mala Sinha, Raaj Kumar, Jeetendra, Rekha
Story Description

Brash, outspoken, and aethiest Shanker lives in a small village with his son, Mohan, and his devout wife, Durga, who is expecting another child soon. Shanker and Durga are incompatible, as Shanker believes in living for the moment, and making the most of it, while Durga believe that present actions will come back to haunt later in life, and as a result arguments take place daily. One day Shanker decides to leave and takes Mohan with him, leaving a pregnant Durga alone. Subsequently, Durga gives birth to a baby boy, Ajay, and re-locates to another place, as she can no longer afford to live there. She is looked after by a Catholic priest. Shanker and Mohan take to crime in the big city, and soon amass a huge fortune and immense wealth. Years go by, both Mohan and Ajay have grown up. Mohan and Shanker operate a crime syndicate, partnering with Keshavlal, a notorious gangster. Ajay operates a publicatin called Karmayogi, in which he publishes news and information about crime and criminals, and does an expose on Keshavlal. Mohan and Shanker want a bigger stake in the share, which Keshav agrees to, but arranges for Shanker to get killed, and blames it on Ajay. When Shanker is killed, Mohan swears to avenge his father\'s death and begins the trek of locating and killing Ajay.