Dharma Karma (1997)

Dharma Karma
02:07 - 03:58
B4U Movies
6.10 (6 votes)
Released On 1997
Genre Action
Runtime N/A
Rated as A
Directed By Ravi Varma
Written By N/A
Staring Gajendra Chouhan, Dharmendra, Karina Grover, Puneet Issar
Story Description

Shiva Kapoor is an assertive and honest young man, and has the tendency to help people in need. This tendency gets him to come to the rescue of a man who was being assaulted by hired goons. Frustrated by Shiva, the goons report this incident to their bosses, Iqbal Supariwala and Nandu Solanki. Together they snare Shiva in a web of lies an deceit and have him arrested and imprisoned. After serving his sentence, Shiva vows to avenge this humiliation, and assumes the guise of a bearded male and calls himself Karma. He gets to meet Dharma, another young man, who has been the target of Supariwala and Solanki, and together they join forces to combat the gangsters. Unrelated to this saga of vengeance is the story of Dharma\'s brother, who is in love with the same woman as Kumar is, and a heartbroken Kumar has sworn to kill Dharma\'s brother and anyone else who dares to stand in his way.