Aakhri Ghulam (1989)

Aakhri Ghulam
21:11 - 00:15
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3.80 (9 votes)
Released On 6 Jul 1989
Genre Action, Crime, Drama
Runtime N/A
Rated as N/A
Directed By Shibu Mitra
Written By Anjaan, Faiz Saleem
Staring Raj Babbar, Birbal, Mithun Chakraborty, Moushumi Chatterjee
Story Description

Young Bheema is told by his father, Dinu, that generations of their family have always been slaves to the wealthy Thakurs. When Bheema does not heed this, and not only befriends Sonam, Thakur Daulat Singh\'s daughter, but also has a physical altercation with Raja Bahadur, Thakur\'s son, he is publicly whipped. Shortly thereafter his dad passes away after being bitten by a snake. Daulat finds out that Sonam likes Bheema and has her moved to London, and ensures that she forgets him. Subsequently, on her return as an adult she returns home and is told that Bheema is serving 3 years in prison for killing a male named Shamsher Singh. Nevertheless, she renews her friendship with him but will soon find him on the run from the Police - this time for killing a union leader named Kumar.